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Leave or Stay?

something ORDINARY *

Saturday, November 8, 2008 ; 12:11 AM?
another ordinary day*...

here i am to declare the death of this blog
i knowwwww
my blog is getting very irritating and sorry about that
the dust collected here can drown the whole universe already
i have got nothing to blog about, trust me
my life is way more sien than those people who stay in the northpole lor (at least they got penguins and polar bears to play with?)

what a post is this
might as well don't blog la hor

*walks out with people throwing eggs at me*

Friday, September 12, 2008 ; 8:30 PM?
another ordinary day*...


note to myself: DAI SEI twisted

Friday, September 5, 2008 ; 12:49 AM?
another ordinary day*...

hello everybody!
wait, if there's anybody

here i am showing up myself to let you people know (once again if there's anyone) that i'm not dead
i'm still alive

so let me report what happened previously to ya all! (again, if there's anyone)

last thursday james and i went to act as kelefeh yes i meant kelefeh as in those background people and thank god its not those character that need to kena stabbed and die on the ground and lie down for hours

its a local LOSER show
don't bother asking me when will it be be shown on tv

james was really earning easy money because his scene was only required to walk for approx 7 steps? and done! 80 bucks in his pocket

i made him hold this

this particular guy (the one in purple shirt) is an NG king
look at how the director scolded him over and over again

after that went to berdating with pei li to celebrate her 20th birthday

so comel

then, went for avril lavigne's concert on the next day with lee ting, suehsia and wei zhi

had mc d's for lunch

the entrance and the people

the smart suehsia brought us to the seats below
and we were below laughing at the people above ho ho ho

and the sky became gloomy

wei zhi: where's my avril??

after that, it started to rain a little and they started to distribute the garbage bag rain coat

don't you think they look like they are being wrapped by a garbage bag?

this is avril
why so tiny wan?

see from the screen also better
wait, then whats the point of going for the concert?

and and i think the pink piano is dam cool

moving on,

just the other day lee ting and i butt itchy got nothing to do so went for the kelefeh tv shooting job again

the people told me it was at jaya one and i don't understand why are there so many places using the name JAYA!
so i mistakenly thought that the jaya is at the old jaya building which has already closed down??
lee ting and i waited waited until we called up that person in charge to reconfirm the place again and and that fei poh woman was kinda rude on the phone and kept refusing to give me the direction of the place
its not like i'm asking her to burn her fats la what so hard about giving directions
okay, don't wanna be so harsh

hence, we took the cab to jaya one
waited at the restaurant where we were suppose to meet up with the others
manatau none of them were there only the other kelefehs

see see see, kelefehs memang kena mistreated
have to wait for the people like they are some sort of VIP
i don't think anyone would recognize the main actor and actress of the show because i myself also never see them before

wah like dam pa pai like that specially reserve for them some more

we really look like the kelefehs who need to eat by the lorong like beggars

first time seeing this thing

after being the background people eating in the restaurant, the crew brought us to some isolated place at seri kembangan for NOTHING

what we did was waiting waiting waiting and eating the siu yok fan for dinner

i really don't get the point of them bringing us there when they don't even need us at all
we went all the way to seri kembangan just to eat the siu yok fan. wow how nice

okay thats it. will update somemore when i feel like it X)

*i am not your nindento ds lite!!*

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ; 12:12 AM?
another ordinary day*...

i think my dad is jealous of that leng zai UK diver until he doesn't let me watch diving =(
Hence, here i am, blogging, to cure my depression

last wednesday i went to redbox with suehsia, pei li and gideon
dam random, i know
its like a gathering of my friends from everywhere
suehsia = primary school friend
pei li = inti friend
gideon = foundation friend

us minus gideon.
i don't think he would be able to fit into this frame as well LOL. *shhhh, hopefully his vision got blurred and doesn't see this*

may yi and i went to ou yesterday to meet up with her parents
her parents were taking ages to choose some furniture so we went for a CHEAP fish spa to kill some time
rm 5 for 10 minutes (:
its located at a very weird place, the jusco home centre =.=

may yi's feet

so clean that there weren't much fish came to nibble it

and this is my infamous salted fish feet


look at this!
it seems like i haven't wash my feet for how many decade =.=

the HUGE difference
a clean feet and a dirty feet

i think those fishes are gonna die after nibbling my feet
may you fishes R.I.P

oh yeah, may yi has gotten a phone from her brother

hmm the image looks sooo familiar

who's blog is this??



we were stalking reading suehsia's blog at ou

may yi is looking at suehsia

guess its who's birthday today??


seng ang the woman!

happy 19th birthday seng ang!!!

alright, thats it

the blogger ?
Ordinary ME



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